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Passionate about your well-being

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Passionate about your well-being

Retirement Living FAQs

Read through and see the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


Below you can find answers to questions about pets, rates, meals, services and more.


Firsthand experiences make current residents your ideal retirement advisers.


Families journeys can benefit those searching for retirement living for their loved one.

practical FAQs

Discover practical answers to frequently asked questions. Our team is here to help you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions or need more information.

Moving Preparation

You will be required to sign a Tenancy Agreement which outlines the accommodation and services you have chosen, and there is flexibility to make changes based on the services which are important to you.

Of course! Small pets are welcome and you will be responsible for their care.

You are welcome to bring your car and parking is available

Yes absolutely, this is your home! We encourage you to customize your space and add your own personal touches.


Your monthly rate includes your in-suite accommodation, nutritious meals and snacks, amenity and outdoor space, weekly housekeeping, and access to highly experienced and skilled team members 24/7 that are passionate about your well being.

We offer regular health assessments, and personalized wellness services can be provided based on short- or long-term needs.

Choose from a wide range of recreational and fitness programs designed to meet your individual preferences.

Absolutely. Spring Living Retirement Communities offers flexible and personalized well- being options for you to choose from and designed to cater to your changing needs


In suite dining service is available

Yes, we welcome friends and family! Based on your preference, we would be pleased to set up the private dining area or have your guest join you in the dining room.

We will work with you to provide options to accommodate your needs. All meals are nutritionally balanced and you are able to choose from a variety of healthy and delicious meals. 

We provide 3 chef prepared meals daily as well as refreshments throughout the day. Kitchenettes are available with a small fridge, and you can keep a microwave, kettle, etc., to make light meals and snacks.

We’re here to help. Drop us a line with any questions you may have


Residents speak about their experience as they started their move-in journey. What did they fear, and how did they overcome it? What did they look for in a new home? What do they love most about home now? Read their inspirational answers.

“When [I] first moved into retirement living, [I] had a fear of leaving the comfort and security of [my] home. It was the fear of the unknown and having to rely on others for some needs. [I] overcame it by meeting new people, getting involved in exercise [classes], and pushing [my]self out of [my] comfort zone.”

“I don’t recall being afraid. I would continue living the same way I was [living], just in a new location.”

“I feared a lack of privacy in a group setting. But with my own suite, I can close the door or leave it open as I want. I adapted too to the new way of life.”

“I love all the staff, my room… there is nothing I don’t love here.”

“People are very friendly and communicative, and you are never really alone.”

“When [I] first got into the community, [I] loved the size, shape, and colour of the room. [I] liked the aspect of being social, trying new things, and making new friends. This was a way for [my] to keep [my] independence.” 

“For health reasons, and [I was] unable to live on my own.”

“Didn’t want to cook or clean and wanted to socialize without going out.” 

“My husband passed away and I realized that I didn’t want to live alone.” 

“Have lots of time to consider it. Take your time to decide to move into a retirement home. Notice your progression and plan ahead. Try to have a positive attitude.”

“A piece of advice for someone considering retirement living, would be it’s a great place to foster independence but [also] get help when needed. It gives you the chance to be social and the loneliness [will be] gone. The transition was worth the fear, and it will be okay.”

“Come in and enjoy your life!… They should consider it because if you are old and don’t have family you can get your needs here… It is convenient.” 

“Living alone can be lonely. In retirement living there are always others around. If you move in here you will have friends your own age as well as activities.”

“Your family won’t have to worry about you as much, and to get care support.”

“If it takes a lot of work to take care of yourself you should consider retirement living.”

“Having all one level, not multiple floors. Activities that the community holds are important.”

“Feeling safe and protected. Having someone [available] at all times if something went wrong.”

“The ability to have personal comforts and to choose if I want to attend a program or event.”

“They accommodated me in the dining room. Consistency at home helped in the process.”

“The ease of moving into the room.”

“The staff was very accommodating.”

“No, I have been independent my whole adult life. I will speak up for myself if I have issues. My teaching experience has helped me stay independent. I encourage others to voice their opinions more.”

“I didn’t have much independence before moving. This was due to the level of [at-home] care [supports available] at the home with my daughter. Since moving, I have a little more [independence] now.”

“Everything went smoothly. Help was available when we needed it. You just have to ask.”

Residents' experiences


It can be hard to decide on the perfect new home for your loved one. Below, the families of seniors living with us have shared how they made the decision to look at retirement homes, what they looked for in their loved one’s new home, and what their loved one enjoys most about their new life.

“[My loved one was] unable to take care of their home alone… The family was worried they would not take care of themselves… The family was worried something would happen, especially after previous falls and injuries.”

“So my dad would be in a [social setting] community, and he needed some care.”

“Everything from having all day available for tours to the staff making us feel welcome from the first time we stepped through the doors.”

“Having them come to the tour allowed them to retain a sense of control over such a huge change.”

“Proximity to family… The state of the facility and how well kept it was… The services offered such as foot care, hairdressing, medication assistance, etc.”

“That my dad would be loved, heard, respected, and cared for.”

“I chose Park for the location, the quiet feel, and its good reputation. [It was important] that it would feel like home. It is home.”

“[It was] close to family’s homes… The facility was clean, and all the staff were friendly during the tour.”

“We came as a respite stay first. The staff created a good environment and offered what Dad needed. They are family.”

“The atmosphere is friendly, and it feels like home. The staff all work together. It’s a big happy family.”

“The freedom to choose what their day looks like, [and the variety of] activities/events [that] prevent isolation.”

“The birthday parties with entertainment are always a hit.”


All Spring Living Retirement Communities are licensed through the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority (RHRA).

All Spring Living Retirement Communities are proud members of the Ontario Retirement Communities Association (ORCA).

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